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This page provides a list of scholars who have published in the field of Ancient Science in a broad sense, as well as their personal and institutional websites. Use the provided links to discover their research interests, list of publications, and contact details.   

Aaboe, Asger

Abattouy, Mohammed

Abdeljaouad, Mahdi

Acerbi, Fabio

Ackermann, Silke

Agosti, Gianfranco

Aguiar, Maravillas

Algra, Keimpe


Allman, George Johnston

Alvarez Millan, Cristina

Amato, Eugenio

Amma, Sarasvati

Anjing, Qu

Archibald, Raymond C.

Artmann, Benno

Ayduz, Salim

Babini, Jose

Bakker, Frederik

Baltussen, Han

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