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Ancient Science Portal

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The Ancient Science Portal project seeks to collect, organize, and present all free digital information on Ancient Science, currently hosted by various institutional and personal websites. We hope that this free online collective database will help you navigate through the digital footprints of our discipline.

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Ask a Historian of Science
A podcast series on the History of Ancient Science

In each episode, we invite a leading historian of Science to answer the first question that comes to everyone’s mind: Why don’t they get a proper job? In case this proves more difficult than expected, we will try to answer other, equally interesting, questions, such as: Who built the pyramids? Why did Archimedes count the number of sand grains it would take to fill the universe? Did the ancients think that the Earth was flat? Who killed Hypatia? Why would a monk send Diophantus to Hell? Who destroyed the Library of Alexandria?


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Come, oh passer-by, and tell us:
What is it that you seek?

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